Price Range

Most people are always asking a question - 'How much to build a house?' The answer can vary with different designs and material inclusions. Surely, the house size is the biggest factor that will affect your contract price.


Therefore, we are here to provide you a standard price indicator for building a house in Brisbane area. We use square meterage method which should only be used as a guide only but at least it can give you a better idea for your budget control.


For example, if the meterage is $1000/m2, which means it will cost around $300000 if you are going to build a 300m2 house.


The next question you might ask is: For $1000/m2, what can we get for inclusion? We have defined three different packages.


Standard package: from $1250/m2

Premium package: from $1350/m2

Diamond package: from $1450-$1550/m2

Standard package
Premium package
Diamond package